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Wholesale 25mm mink eyelash , faux mink lashes and eyelash extensions worldwide.We have eyelash factory,private label lashes and custom eyelash package box.

The best eyelash manufacturer supply 2020 new arrival 3D faux mink lashes

False eyelash wholesaler soft new arrival 3D faux mink eyelashes with custom packaging


Sky eyelash wholesale natural looking 3D faux mink eyelashes, they are thin soft, very comfortable to wear, reusable up to 25 times, with high quality material. Our 3d faux mink eyelashes can be worn for the whole day, it is safe to your eyes, no chemical materials. Wearing our 3D false eyelash will make your more beautiful and attractive. Sky eyelash salesman is 24 hours online. To be your best reliable eyelash vendor. Our 3D faux mink eyelash are 100% cruelty free by the soft synthetic fiber, shiny and vivid. Without any chemicals, so no harm to eyes. 3D false faux mink lashes are 100% handmade and reusable. You can even forget that you are wearing the lash. Sky eyelash is professional lash manufacturer wholesaler. No MOQ for our lashes and low MOQ for the customized eyelash packaging box.

Best 3D faux mink eyelashes wholesale with customized packaging


3D faux mink eyelashes from Sky eyelash supplier are really professional. They are lightweight and such a flexible band. They are comfortable on the eyes which you have never felt. Easy to apply even it is your first time to wear false eyelashes you can take a short time to apply well. The affordable price is much attractive and the high quality make sure they can use up to 20 times.

We have professional lash style designer to design new styles every month. You can get any lash styles from Sky eyelash. Because even the one you like is out of our catalog, we can do custom for you. We also manufacture eyelashes. All of our workers are experience, and the QC will double check the quality before shipping out.

3D faux mink eyelash vendor supplies the best false eyelashes to NYC


High quality synthetic fibers make up the fashionable lash styles. They are wispy, fluffy and looks natural. The band of lashes made of black cotton, lightweight which always makes you forget you worn false eyelashes. you have many options from us. No matter what kind eye shape you are, there will be a style suit for you.

We have our own research and development department to develop new styles every year. If any lash styles out of our catalog you like, you can show us a clear picture or send us a sample,you can even design the lash styles by yourself, we can finish the custom styles as you want.

We are provide quality assurance, that is why our customers trust us and keep long term business with us.

False eyelash vendor supply reusable 3D faux mink eyelashes with unique lash packaging to USA


3D faux mink eyelashes is more soft than silk eyelash, look similar as mink lash. But the wholesale price is cheaper than mink eyelashes. Sky eyelash has our own lash workshop, so we can guranteen the timely delivery, high quality, timely feedback. All lash questions, just feel free to ask us at any time, glad to help all our customer to build own lash brand.

Various customized eyelash packaging box is avaialble. As your designer make the logo for you, if the format is ai or eps or cdr will be much better. For these format can be enlarge as we want and still be clear to be seen. Some customer perfer unique box style, some customer perfer glitter box, we can meet all your demand. Very easy process to print your logo on the box.

Best 3D faux mink eyelashes with false eyelash glue to UK USA


SKY Best 3D faux mink false lashes are made of ultra-light synthetic fibers, Vivid and shiny and long lifespan.

Most fashionable style false eyelash, full but natural looking, excellent length and width.these 3D faux mink false eyelashes 

are soft and comfortable to wear, and the ultra thin fiber eyelashes may give you a natural and beautiful look. 

A daily necessary item for false eyelashes lover. Add a perfect addition to your makeup routine, make your eyes charm and attractive.

Our 3D faux mink false eyelashes are easy to apply and remove, will not cause irritation to the eyes, protect your eyelashes from damage. 

You could trim and adjust by yourself if the band strip is long for your eyes. Use eyelash adhesive on the band,

then install the eyelashes to your own human lashes. Besides, the fake eyelashes are reusable if being used and removed properly.

False eyelash supplier wholesale 5D faux mink eyelashes with private label


5D faux mink eyelashes has long length about 25mm even 27mm. You can try them on some special party. These lashes can help you to be the focus. The lashes can help to enlarge your eyes, add volume and length of your own lashes. They are very easy to apply. Even if you are at the first time to wear false eyelashes, that will not waste your much time.

We always sell lashes with the applicators and brushes. Brush your own lashes with the lash brushes before applying the 5D faux mink eyelashes. So that it will be more natural for the look. Catch the false eyelashes with applicators when you try to wear eyelashes. The lash tools will be much helpful. The MOQ of these tools is small and price is really affordable.

Eyelash distributor supplies 3D faux mink lashes with eyelash packaging to US


False eyelashes vendor Sky eyelash supplies the best quality 3D faux mink eyelashes. The lashes are made of import high quality synthetic fibers.They are 100% cruelty free. 3D faux mink eyelashes from us are natural, and fluffy with great 3D effects. They can totally match your luxury make up. We work on eyelash market for many years. Wholesale the lashes to US, UK, CA, AU, and other Europe countries. To be honest, these lashes are very popular.

What kind of eyelashes are you looking? Let us know, we can help you to find the ones you want. We have more than 300 options for you. There must be someones you like. If not, show me the picture, we can do customized style for you. We can provide any you want. We accept world shipping, if any needs, just contact us.

False eyelash vendor supply thick 3D faux mink eyelashes with eyelash packaging box wholesale


3D faux mink eyelashes are with faux mink material, look like mink lash but price is much cheaper than mink eyelashes. You can order any quanity of our lashes, one pair is okay okay for personal use. Welcome eyelash wholesaler and retailer to order our 100% handmade eyelashes, we have enough lashes at stock, for bulk order, delivery time is 3-4 weeks, for big quantity, delivery time will be also within 40 days, such as more than 10,000 pairs.

Our suggestions is that you can order lash sample firstly, then you can feel the material and check the style by yourself. How to apply the lash on our eyes?  Put little glue on the lash, when the glue is dry, then put the lash on the eye, if not fit, you can trim till the lash fit your eye. Sky eyelash is eyelash manufacturer, time delivery, quality assurance, best after sale service. Best eyelash vendors.

Natural eyelashes vendor wholesale 3d faux mink lashes with custom eyelash packaging


There are many different styles 3d faux mink eyelashes for your choosing. We have enough at stock , which means we can send out the lashes after your payment. No MOQ for all our lashes, you can order any quantity as you want. No matter you are whoelsaler or retailer. Sky eyelashes will offer best solution for your own brand lashes business at any time when you need.

Sky eyelashes with many years lash production experience. For long and friendly business relationship with all our customer, we guranteen timely delovery, fast responding, good after sale service, top quality materials and competitive whoelsale price. All these lashes are reusable 20 to 25 times, 100% handmade, no chemical, no harm to animals, 100% curelty free. Try to wear our eyelashes, you will fall in love with them.

3D lashes vendor supply high quality 3d faux mink lashes with lash packaging


Our 3D faux mink eyelashes are gorgeous and they are great quality for the price. The lashes are not too dramatic. You can also order lashes with super cute and sleek lash packaging. Some clients think applying false eyelashes is difficult, but our lashes does not require much effort. They are also very easy to cut and adjust, suit any eye shape.

Our 3D faux mink eyelashes is durable. They can be worn about 20 times, but it also needs your careful save. We provide the lashes directly from lash factory, the price is the lowest. So these faux mink lashes are affordable. If you want to retail the lashes, you can also order custom packages with these lashes.

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