Bottom eyelash

Eyelash vendor supply bottom eyelashes with private label. The bottom lashes is very suitable for people who have sparse lashes. The bottom eyelashes are made of silk raw material. The bottom lashes can be wear 25-30 times with nice care. The quality is same the mink eyelashes. With up lashes and bottom lashes can let your makeup look more full stereo. Cashmere eyelash extensions and bottom eyelash extensions are selling hot.We can do private label service for bottom eyelashes. We can also supply 25mm mink, 3D strip mink lashes, strip eyelashes, faux mink eyelashes, silk eyelashes,mink fake eyelashes,3d lash extensions,individual lashes,artificial eyelashes,permanent eyelashes. All the lashes price is the cheap semi-permanent cheap price.We sell lashes to many countries and we can supply the cheapest price for you, Small minimum order quantity for you to start your lash business. The bottom false eyelashes with private label packaging, we can make the wholsale price for you.

All the production process are Safe and sterile, we can make the bottom lashes packaging with private label. OEM and ODM serivce for you.  We also have permanent eyelashes, mink eyelashes and custom packages with false eyelashes.

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