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Wholesale 25mm mink eyelash , faux mink lashes and eyelash extensions worldwide.We have eyelash factory,private label lashes and custom eyelash package box.

Long mink eyelashes

SKY EYELASH is a 5D mink eyelash manufacturer, as a professional long mink eyelash supplier,has customized wholesale false eyelashes for your clients all over the world for many years.Whether you are new to eyelash business or have been doing it for many years,we have confident that you will statisfied with our 3D mink eyelashes, long mink eyelashes quality and prices. We cooperate with many huge eyelash brand for many years. Our new eyelashes have been leading the trend in this industry.

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No matter you just start your long mink eyelash business, want some professional wholesale long mink lashes suggestions, or you want to find a reliable supplier who can provide high quality fake eyelashes with good price, Sky eyelash is your best choice.With so many years experience of produce high quality long mink eyelashes, Sky eyelash team helped so many eyelash lovers to start their top mink lash business, we can supply OEM/ODM service.Cutom unqiue eyelashes, special packages or glue.We are looking forward to your inquires and desire to get the opportunities to cooperate with your for further business!Follow through our mink eyelashes website for more different styles, for all other lashes,questions, and concerns, our professional sales team are available to assist you with all your needs including technical products issues. Welcome to contact us via email or whatsapp,telephone to get catalogs with price list.We can visit each other and meet face to face for meeting.

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