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3D Mink eyelashes

3D mink eyelashes vendor supply the best quality real mink lashes. False eyelashes made from mink hair are now very popular on the market. It is now very popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the Middle East. Many clients are looking for

the best mink eyelashes with cheap price. Our mink false eyelashes made from the real mink fur. The quality of the hair that grows from different body parts is not the same. We choose the most shiny and soft part of the animal. We have the most advanced shaving technology to help us remove animal hair, just as people shave Australian sheep without any harm to animals. Throughout the production process, we sterilize the eyelashes at high temperature without causing any adverse reactions to our skin. We only supply the best mink lashes, mink false eyelashes, 3D mink lashes,3D eyelashes,mink fur lashes, mink lashes wholesale. Our company was established for 20 years, we have the most mature production technology and the most professional staff. We sale mink lashes to  mink lash bar, Beauty companies, beauty bloggers, our products sell to all over the world. Our lash brand has a high reputation in the world. Welcome to inquiry to us, and we can we work together to help you to start your own mink false eyelashes brand. 

The advantages of mink eyelashes

1. The composition of mink hair is relatively close to the human hair.

2. Mink hair is super soft ,lightweight and more natural than other raw materials.

3. Mink hair has strong processability at the later stage, and can achieve dramatic 3d effect of eyelashes. 

How to wear 3D mink eyelashes ?

1. Compare the length of your eyeliner and then use scissors to cut off the excess eyeliner.

2. Apply the glue one the eyelashes evenly and thinly to the surface of the eyelashes. Allow the glue to air dry for a while.

3. Use eyelash tweezers to clamp the root of the eyelashes so that the eyeliner fits your upper eyelid. Adjust the position from left to right when applying the contract to suit your dressing needs.

4. You can use eyelash applicators to gently clamp your true and false eyelashes to make them fit tightly.

5. You can apply some mascara or some eyeliner to make your makeup perfect. 

How to care for 3D mink eyelashes ?

1. Remove the 3D mink eyelashes from your eyes.Pls remove the glue and wash the lashes with warm water and let it air dry.

2. Then put the eyelashes back in the original eyelash container, store them in a dry place.

3. Because the 3D mink eyelashes are made of natural hair, it is necessary to escape from the water when you wearing them, otherwise it is easy for the hair to become frizzy.

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